New Product: “Avery” vintage look barrette - dta0473

July 16, 2009
Tags: is always adding new products - this week, it’s this vintage look barrette, studded with rhinestones on silver metal. It’s a lovely piece; flashy but not too much. It’s got a timeless glamour I think you’ll really like.


This would look smashing just underneath a simple veil on a comb. A brief flash under your veil for the ceremony - then remove the veil for the reception to uncover this pretty waiting underneath. At $48, this barrette looks like a one of a kind, antique piece.

DTA0473 - Avery vintage barrette

2 Responses to “New Product: “Avery” vintage look barrette - dta0473”

  1. Nice addition. I love vintage jewelry, etc.

  2. Stunning! I find it to be just lovely.

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